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​what is health care compliance it compliance laws, it compliance standards  audit compliance 


  • $2.4 Billion Florida High Speed Corridor (Orlando-Tampa Route) Right of Way Acquisition/Acceptance/Disposition
  • $485 Million Oil and Gas Crisis Management matter.
  • ​Change Management, Regulatory Audit, Enterprise Risk Management.
  • ​ Agency Program Rapid Improvement Events Transformation.
  • SBA FOIA/PA Support.
  • Global Financial Crimes Intelligence Analysis Matters involving Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. 
  • ​$2.6 Billion Enforcement Order Adherence matter.
  • ​CRA Program Evaluation.
  • ​Pre-Regulator Exam AML and OFAC Assessment.
  • Vendor Contracts Compliance Assessment.
  • Health Care Billing Fraud Investigation.  
  • ​Compliance Department Transformation.
  • ​$1 Billion Tech Third Party Vendor Contract Migration Engagement.
  • Third Party Vendor Contract Compliance Engagement.   
  • ​Title 31 Program Review.
  • ​Off-Shore Banking Program Risk Assessment.
  • ​Agency Program Policies and Procedures Transformation.
  • ​Drilling Program Development.
  • ​PeopleSoft Application Road map design. 
  • ​IT Services Compliance Assessments.
  • Screening Filter Model Validation.
  • Oil and Gas Bankruptcy Disposition.
  • Energy Turnaround.
  • AMI Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures.

​a partial list of Past and current performance Examples:

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • AT&T

  • Santander consumer USA

  • Sinclair Oil JV

  • ​U.s. Small business Administration

  • department of commerce

  • Federal Reserve Bank

  • ​moneygram uSA

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft

  • IBM

  • ​HP Enterprise Services​​​